Chiropractor’s Tips for Keeping Your Back Healthy as You Grow Older

With the population of people over 65 projected to be on the rise, there needs to be a plan for improving their quality of life during those prime years. As people age, the spine loses some elasticity and thickness, meaning older people are more vulnerable to injuries and back pain. Though the aging process is also affected by genes, lifestyle choices also determine how well the body ages. The following are great tips to help you enjoy a healthy and pain-free body even as you age.

Engage in Physical Activity

It is true that as people age, they aren't able to handle as many physical activities as young people. However, that doesn't mean they should live a sedentary life because that can affect the musculoskeletal system. Old people can stay active by doing a few chores at home, low-intensity exercises like swimming and walking and playing with their grandchildren. It's also very important to stretch daily, as stretching improves stability and relieves stiff muscles. A chiropractor can work with you to devise a great exercise plan to help you stay active and healthy.

Adopt the Correct Sitting Posture

Naturally, the spine starts to bend and lose elasticity as people age. However, the body can be trained to resist such issues by intentionally practicing good posture every day. Good posture keeps the body aligned and prevents strain on the muscles while also improving mobility. Always try to sit straight instead of slouching or hunching and keep your shoulders and head back. It can be hard at first to go against how the body feels, but with enough practice and maybe posture reminders, your brain and body will catch up.

Consume Vitamins and Water

While younger people should drink about eight glasses of water daily, this number should increase as you age. The spinal discs are made of a significant proportion of water, so you need to stay hydrated for the spine to function properly. There are also particular vitamin and minerals that keep the spine strong and healthy such as Vitamin D and calcium. Consume foods that are rich in vitamins or ask your doctor to recommend some suitable supplements.

Get Enough Rest

As people age, they should get enough rest. Get adequate sleep every night. Do not overwork, lift heavy things, or exert yourself too much. Remember, just like physical exertion, stress can also affect your overall health, including your neck, back and shoulders.

The golden years call for regular chiropractic care if you don't want to experience weak muscles and back pain. Apart from giving great advice and direction regarding diet and exercise, a chiropractor will also feel the spine with their hands and try to correct any misalignment or issues before they become a severe problem.