Prevent Travel Related Backaches with These Easy Tips

Spinal health is typically not at the forefront of your mind when you are about to go on vacation or a road trip. People usually associate backaches and neck problems with their day-to-day lifestyle such as sitting behind their desk all day. What you may not realise is that going on a long drive can have a significant impact on your spinal health, which could invariably ruin your vacation. Moreover, if you have regular sessions with a chiropractor only to spend hours on end in the wrong sitting position when travelling, you could end up undoing all the progress made with your spinal health. Read More 

Chiropractor’s Tips for Keeping Your Back Healthy as You Grow Older

With the population of people over 65 projected to be on the rise, there needs to be a plan for improving their quality of life during those prime years. As people age, the spine loses some elasticity and thickness, meaning older people are more vulnerable to injuries and back pain. Though the aging process is also affected by genes, lifestyle choices also determine how well the body ages. The following are great tips to help you enjoy a healthy and pain-free body even as you age. Read More