Understanding the Potential Causes of Backache in Children

Back pain is a common problem for adults, but numerous children and adolescents are also affected and diagnosed with the condition. In general, parents do not expect their children to have medical issue linked to adults. Therefore, most are confused and overwhelmed by this type of complaint by their kids. It is important to note that back pain is not that uncommon in younger individuals. Often, the aches can be resolved through lifestyle changes, chiropractic care or medication. However, in some cases, the root of the problem could be more complicated. Here are the potential causes of backaches in children that you should understand. 

Muscular Backaches

The most prevalent cause of backaches in young children and adolescents is muscular pain. In simple terms, kids experience aching because of strain or injury to the back muscles. Some of these children might have muscle and ligament strains due to accidental damage, especially during physical activities at school and home. Overuse injuries are also not unusual because numerous young individuals participate in repetitive activities. Additionally, muscular back pain can develop due to issues such as poor posture and inadequate conditioning of back muscles. This backache can be resolved through physiotherapy, physical activities and chiropractic treatment.

Bone Stress Fractures 

Stress fractures are small cracks or severe bruises within the bones. These fractures can occur in the spine in children, and over time, the affected individual will experience back pain. Unlike common fractures, stress bone fractures are not apparent after they occur. Therefore, an injured kid will continue with normal life without being aware, until the symptoms manifest. Most children and adolescents who experience this problem are athletes. For example, spondylolysis, a common stress fracture, affects kids involved in hyperextension activities such as gymnastics. Physical therapy and medications can be used to treat and manage stress fractures.

Disc Disorders

Children can experience disc herniation. In general, this condition occurs when the soft material which cushions the spaces between spinal discs ruptures. As a result, a disc might be forced out of its position. Apart from backaches, the affected child might experience numbness and tingles in the lower body and the inability to stretch the back. This problem can be identified through MRI scans and can be treated nonsurgically through physical therapy.

When your child complains of back pain, you should consider the problem seriously. This condition can compromise the kid's quality of life and interfere with healthy growth and development. Consult your chiropractor or other practitioner dealing with spinal health for diagnosis and treatment.