Prevent Travel Related Backaches with These Easy Tips

Spinal health is typically not at the forefront of your mind when you are about to go on vacation or a road trip. People usually associate backaches and neck problems with their day-to-day lifestyle such as sitting behind their desk all day. What you may not realise is that going on a long drive can have a significant impact on your spinal health, which could invariably ruin your vacation. Moreover, if you have regular sessions with a chiropractor only to spend hours on end in the wrong sitting position when travelling, you could end up undoing all the progress made with your spinal health. Read on for how to prevent travel-related backaches and neck pain when going on a road trip.

Move around

For most people, the only time they get up from their seat during a road trip is either to take a bathroom break or when you make a pit-stop for food. Yet, your spine is made for movement. Thus, if you stay in the sitting position for long stretches of time, you are inadvertently exerting undue pressure to your spine, which will start to manifest as cramps in your neck and your back. If possible, you should have the driver make intermittent stops so that you can get out of the car and stretch your body. Not only does this improve circulation, but it also eases the stress on your spine.

Maintain good posture

Another major cause of neck and back pain after a road trip is sitting with the wrong posture for the entire trip. Some people naturally slump into their seats as they prepare for the long drive ahead as they assume a reclined position would ease the fatigue they are bound to experience. However, when you have poor posture during the road trip, your spin stays in a misaligned position for the entire duration. The best posture to take when you are settling in for your drive is to sit with your back straight against the chair. In this position, the headrest provides neck support, which will prevent neck cramps, and your seat prevents your shoulders and back from slouching.

Lift luggage meticulously

Depending on how long your vacation is, you could be lugging around hefty baggage. Do not make the mistake of haphazardly loading and unloading these suitcases as you would be outing yourself at risk of a slipped spinal disc. When lifting luggage, be sure to bend at the knee and lift the baggage slowly. Secondly, hold the bags close to your torso as this will help in evenly distributing their weight. 

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